Your customised therapeutic report: RITI®

The mYXpression rheumatoid Test makes it possible to produce a customised report that is specific to the patient.

This report called RITI® provides an efficacy score for each biotherapy.

RITI® offers real precision medicine and is a valuable aid to optimise the therapeutic strategy to adopt.

How does it work?

In around six weeks at most after receiving the blood sample from the patient at our transcriptome platform, and as soon as that mYXpression has completed the necessary procedures to produce the customised personal RITI® report, it will be sent to the patient.

An e-mail will inform the patient that the report is available via their personal mYXpression account. The patient must then print out their RITI® report to show it to their rheumatologist.

Your customised therapeutic report: RITI®

Targeted biotherapies in your personal RITI® report
(covering 85% of the prescription market)