Your rheumatologist: an indispensable person in defining your care journey

Your rheumatologist plays a key role in defining your therapeutic journey. At the moment, however, they are waiting for the proven elements to choose the biotherapy that is the most suitable for you.

Your RITI® report is a tool they can rely on to guide their choice of prescription.

Do you want to discuss the possibility of using the mYXpression rheumatoid test to identify the best biotherapy for you?

Download the brochure to give to your doctor. 

Has your doctor suggested you take the mYXpression rheumatoid test?

Funding the myxpression rheumatoid test

The myxpression rheumatoid test is marketed at a price of 850 euros including VAT.

Currently, the patient must cover the total cost. The dossiers are currently being organised to obtain all of the elements necessary for the French authorities (ANSM, HAS) to recognise the contribution of our innovative technology for patient care.

We are aware that the test has a cost, and we have put in place a partnership with the Cagnotte des Proches, a participatory platform for funding, specialising in healthcare. You can avail yourself of this tool so that you can obtain the amount needed to finance the test.

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