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How do I create an account on mYXpression rheumatoid?

To create an account on mYXpression rheumatoid:

  • Click the icon _TD1zYMB7AD2hlHXA1gV0ZuGy5bOKjkzDFrG60ak, located at the top right in the menu.
  • Click ”You don’t have an account? So, create one!” .
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.

Is creating an account free?

The creation of an account on mYXpression rheumatoid is totally free of charge.

What is point of creating an account on mYXpression?

A mYXpression RHEUMATOID account allows the patient to order the mYXpression rheumatoid test, and then access their RITI® personal report via their personal space. 


As a trusted third party, mYXpression rheumatoid undertakes not to communicate any data regarding its users. Your details are not and will never be disclosed to third parties and our website does not sell or rent its files.

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your account on mYXpression rheumatoid:

  • Click the icon _TD1zYMB7AD2hlHXA1gV0ZuGy5bOKjkzDFrG60ak, located at the top right in the menu.
  • Enter your e-mail and password.
  • Click on " Connection ".

How do I log out of my account?

To log out of your account:

  • Click the icon _TD1zYMB7AD2hlHXA1gV0ZuGy5bOKjkzDFrG60ak, located at the top right in the menu.
  • Click on " Logout".

How do I access the status of my order?

To access the status of your order, log in to your personal profile and then click on " History & details of orders”.

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To reset your password:

  • Click the icon _TD1zYMB7AD2hlHXA1gV0ZuGy5bOKjkzDFrG60ak, located at the top right in the menu.
  • Then click on Have you forgotten your password? .
  • Follow the instructions.


At any moment, you have the right to recover the data you provided on our website. Go to your profile, click on " My personal data" and then click on "Export my data” to automatically download a copy of your personal data as a PDF or CSV file.

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You can at any time modify the information contained on your personal space.  

For all other requests concerning the rectification and/or deletion of your personal data, please contact us via the following e-mail address: info@myxpression.frWe will review your request and respond as quickly as possible.

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To modify your personal information:

  • Log in to your mYXpression rheumatoidaccount.
  • Click on " Information".
  • Make the necessary changes and then save them.

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, please send an e-mail to the following address:, indicating the e-mail address used when you created your account.


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To make a order on mYXpression rheumatoid, nothing could be easier:

1. Click on the “Order" item located in the main menu.

You will then be redirected to your shopping cart. Click on "Order".

2. Fill in your personal information.

Do you already have an account? Click on " Connection " and fill in the information relating to your mYXpression rheumatoid personal space.

3. Fill in your delivery address

(if your delivery address is different from your billing address, uncheck the box " Also use this address for invoicing")

4. Choose your mode of delivery from the 2 options offered:

  • Collection point – Free delivery – Delivery in 1 to 3 days in France, 1 to 5 days for the rest of the world.


  • Home delivery – Free delivery – Delivery in 1 day in France, 1 to 5 days for the rest of the world.

5. Select your mode of payment.

6. Fill in your bank details via the 100 % secure SSL platform.

7. Your order has been recorded! You will receive the necessary information so you can track your order.

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From your shopping cart until confirmation of your payment, a padlock in the address bar indicates that the transaction is secure using the " https" protocol and that the identity of the website has been validated by an " SSL "certificate .

What are the available payment methods?

You have several options to pay for your order:

  • You can pay by bank card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Bank transfer: You will need to transfer the amount of the invoice to our bank account. You will receive confirmation of your order by e-mail with our bank account details and the order number. Your order will be accepted as soon as we receive payment.
  • Payment in 2 instalments with no fees:

- 1st debit of 400 euros including VAT when the order is made.

- 2nd debit of 350 euros including VAT, 30 days after the order

How long will it take to receive mYboX once the order has been confirmed?

As soon as your order has been recorded on our website, the patient will receive their mYboX self blood sample kit within 48 hours (depending on where it is sent to), via UPS.

How do I access the order?

To view the details of the order, go to your mYXpression RHEUMATOID personal space and click the block called " History and details of orders".

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Once the order has been shipped by UPS, an e-mail will be sent to you with a tracking link so you can follow the package containing your mYboX kit. 

The mYXpression RHEUMATOID test

mYboX kit and blood sample

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To determine the suitable biotherapy, it is necessary to collect a few drops of the patient’s blood to sequence their RNA. This procedure is crucial to target the right treatment.

So that the patient can carry out this simple procedure, a kit named mYboX (with the elements to carry out the self-sample) is sent to them once the order has been confirmed.

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mYboX contains all the elements required to perform the self blood test in total

  • An explanatory leaflet will guide the patient step by step through the self blood test process
  • A glove
  • 1 dressing
  • 1 alcohol swab
  • 2 lancets
  • 1 blood drop pack
  • Three envelopes (one with a zip, one with bubble-wrap and one for UPS shipping) in which the patient will slide the blood drop pack to send it in total safety to our genomics platform.

How is my mYboX delivered?

We will deliver it by UPS. UPS is a major parcel delivery company, known for its traceability, the large number of collection points, and the safety of parcel transportation.

As soon as mYboX leaves our logistics platform, the patient will be notified by e-mail. 

If the patient has opted for home delivery, no action will be required by them. mYboX will be delivered directly to the address indicated at the time of order.

If the patient has opted for a collection point, they will be informed by e-mail of when the mYboX has been left at the collection point selected when the order was made.

How do take the blood sample?

To take the blood sample, the patient should refer to the explanatory leaflet in the mYboX. This will guide the patient step-by-step to ensure the blood sample is taken correctly. 

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Please inform us via " Nor contact "

How do I return the blood sample?

Once the sample has been taken, the patient must leave the UPS envelope containing their blood sample at the collection point of their choice.

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Once you have received your mYboX kit , you have a period of 5 days to send back your blood sample.

Is patient notified that their blood sample has arrived at the genomics platform?

Yes, an e-mail is sent to confirm receipt of the blood sample at our genomics platform.

What happens to the blood sample?

Our genomics platform takes the blood sample when the parcel arrives. The lab technicians then remove the drops of blood from the pack. The RNA sequencing is then carried out to determine the " personal multi-genomics signature" of the patient. Once all of these steps have been completed, the patient’s blood sample is destroyed.

Customised treatment report: RITI®

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mYXpression RHEUMATOID offers a tool to help select the best biotherapy, based on the biological profile of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Thanks to RITI®, the rheumatologist will have all the scientific information concerning their patient. 

The doctor may then prescribe, with total objectivity and confidence, the biotherapy most suited to the patient, and that will be the most effective. 

Who is the mYXpression rheumatoid test for?

It is for any patient whose doctor has diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis, and is planning OR has already prescribed a biotherapy.

2 figures:

1.    1st initial prescription by the doctor: the patient has never taken biotherapy

2.    The patient has already been treated using a biotherapy, but:

  • the symptoms did not improve: this is primary failure
  • the symptoms of the disease decreased then rapidly worsened: this is secondary treatment failure.

How long will it take to receive my personal RITI® report?

Upon receipt of the blood sample from the patient at our genomics platform, it will take a maximum of six weeks to carry out all the complex procedures to produce the personal RITI®report.

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As soon as the RITI® report has been produced by our powerful computers, the patient will receive an e-mail inviting them to log on to their personal mYXpression rheumatoid space to download their RITI® report.

The patient can print out the RITI® report and send it to their rheumatologist.

How can the patient access the RITI® report?

The patient can access their RITI® report via their personal space on mYXpression rheumatoid.

To do so, the patient must visit, to log in to their personal space with their connection details and click on " History and details of orders/results ".

How does the patient send their RITI® to their rheumatologist?

To send RITI® to their doctor, the patient should download the report via their personal space, and print it out and hand it personally to their doctor. 

This latter is the only person competent to interpret the comprehensive scientific data in the RITI® report and to decide whether or not to prescribe the biotherapy recommended in the RITI®report.

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Access to your RITI® report is strictly personal.

The patient can access it using their personal login details for the mYXpression rheumatoidplatform.

mYXpression expertise

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Precision medicine is based on the following principle: "The right treatment, at the right time, for the right patient."

This medical approach entails studying the biological profile of an individual to prescribe a targeted, suitable treatment.

However, the implementation of precision medicine is extremely complex and requires significant cutting-edge resources.

Taking into account individual genetic variability, the environment and the lifestyle of each individual, personalised medicine offers tremendous prospects for improving the therapeutic journey for a patient.


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Biotherapy refers to a new generation of drugs that act precisely on the mechanisms of inflammation.

Biotherapy is a targeted therapy used as a disease-modifying treatment offered by a rheumatologist depending on the development of the rheumatoid arthritis.

To date, there are about a dozen biotherapies grouped into five therapeutic classes to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

The most used class is the anti-TNF-alpha class and others are now part of the therapeutic arsenal.

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To optimise the efficacy of these revolutionary treatments for your pathology, we target the biotherapy that is the most suited to your biological profile.

The fate of symptoms and the development of your disease depend on the choice of treatment.

Indeed, the more closely matched the prescribed biotherapy is to your immunological deregulation, the greater the chances of remission.

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RNA is a molecule consisting of the expression of some genes of your DNA.

There are several types RNA, but the one that holds your biological information that we sequence is your messenger RNA.

Think of the messenger RNA as "a recipe " that is very specific and short-lasting.

" This recipe " produces large number of pro-inflammatory cells that are responsible for your symptoms.

Your messenger RNA is, therefore, a very specific and unique biological indicator of the mechanisms in action related to your pathology.

When sequencing, we will quantify the "ingredients " used by your body to make these pro-inflammatory cells.

Your blood sample sequenced by mYXpression contains your unique" personal multi-genomic signature" that will be compared to our huge database on rheumatoid arthritis.

Data processing

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The genomics platform that sequences your messenger RNA has existed for twenty years.

All technicians are highly qualified scientists (PhD) and are well-versed in the very rigorous processes that govern their profession.

All our processes are reproducible and have undergone many tests.

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The data is anonymous and will never be passed on to third parties. Visit our Privacy policy.

Role of mYXpression

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mYXpression can under no circumstances produce a diagnosis. mYXpression has no intention to take the place of your doctor and nothing can replace a clinical examination and direct dialogue.

If you notice the signs and symptoms associated with this pathology, please contact a rheumatologist, who, after a series of tests, will be able to produce a precise diagnosis.

Read the article “Les signes et les symptômes d’une polyarthrite rhumatoïde” de PR, un autre regard [The signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis - PR, another perspective].

Can mYXpression prescribe a biotherapy?

mYXpression offers a tool to help identify the best biotherapy based on your biological profile.

mYXpression cannot prescribe a biotherapy. Your rheumatologist alone chooses whether or not to prescribe the biotherapy based on the scientific and medical information available to them.

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The mYXpression solution is not yet covered by a state-authorised body.