Sustainable remission is the ultimate therapeutic objective for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Progress made in the therapeutic care of rheumatoid arthritis now means that the disease can be controlled more effectively and it is possible to conceive of a sustainable remission.

Sustainable remission is characterized by the absence of symptoms and a significant reduction in inflammatory activity in the joints. It must be obtained quickly, particularly at the beginning of the disease, to prevent joint complications as much as possible in the short and medium term.

To help the doctor and their patient to achieve this ultimate objective, mYXpression rheumatoid has developed a tool to help prescribe the correct biotherapy.

The mYXpression rheumatoid test identifies the biotherapy that will be most effective for the patient with rheumatoid arthritis, while excluding those which are not effective: ”The right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time”

Sustainable remission

Rheumatoid arthritis: myxpression rheumatoid, the test that optimises the treatment route

The mYXpression rheumatoid test gives the doctor and their patient access to an exhaustive customised report called RITI®. The latter contains specific biological information so that the most efficient biotherapy can be chosen for the immunological deregulation of the patient.

To produce the personal and scientific report RITI®, the test takes into account the individual variability of genetic expression, the environment and the lifestyle of the patient.

The mYXpression rheumatoid test offers new prospects in the care journey of patients with rheumatoid arthritis so the doctor can help their patient make the best therapeutic choice.

Adopt the right treatment now thanks to the mYXpression Test.

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Data protected with great care