The treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

There are many treatments available that act on the mechanisms of the disease to obtain, in the best case scenario, a remission of the symptoms, and which can halt the irreversible damage to the cartilage of the joints.

It is the advent of biotherapies in particular (and their association with disease-modifying treatments) which revolutionised the treatment of RA. These treatments act on a specific mechanism within the immune system.

Biotherapies are very effective and have the power to alleviate the symptomatic pain of the patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and offer hope for a remission of the disease.

Anti TNF alpha appeared from 2000, and was the 1st class of biotherapies, constituting a veritable revolution!

It is always the most prescribed and represents 80% of the biotherapy market.

Other classes then made their appearance:

  • anti IL1
  • anti IL6
  • anti CD20
  • anti JAK

The mYXpression revolution

The tremendous therapeutic potential of biotherapies for rheumatoid arthritis can only be fully achieved if you can access the treatment that is most suited to your biological profile.

However, to date, rheumatologists only have only had a few elements to help them choose what to prescribe.

Consequences :

  • Only 40% of patients treated are in lasting remission (no more symptoms).
  • 30% are in primary failure because they aren't responding respond to their biotherapy.
  • 30% have a noticeable improvement, but a number of patients will slip toward a resurgence of symptoms and then a total loss of therapeutic efficacy called “secondary treatment failure.”

To increase the chances of remission in all patients, mYXpression is offering itsinnovationto help the doctor to scientifically choose the biotherapy that will be the most effective for the patient.