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“Each patient is unique, so the response to a treatment is also unique.”
mYXpression targets your biotherapy

mYXpression targets your biotherapy

Targeted biotherapy greatly increases the chances of achieving lasting remission (DAS28 <2.6). Thanks to the mYXpression rheumatoid Test, identify precisely which one suits you.

Rheumatoid arthritis:
the aim is sustainable remission

Biotherapies have revolutionised the therapeutic care of rheumatoid arthritis. These new-generation treatments are very effective and have led to 2 conclusions:

  • icone - Biothérapie ciblée

    A targeted biotherapysignificantly increases the chances of achieving lasting remission (DAS28 <2.6).

  • icone - Choix de prescription

    To date, rheumatologists only have a few elements to help them choose what to prescribe.

The mYXpression rheumatoid Testidentifies the biotherapy that is most suited to you, thereby optimising your therapeutic journey.

How does it work?

Chat with your doctor about it

Chat with your doctor about it

Your doctor suggested you take the mYXpression rheumatoid Test: order it via the secure platform. Receive your mYboX it in 48 hours to take few drops of blood.

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Billions of calculations

Billions of calculations

After your have taken your blood sample and sent it to us, our algorithms will carry out billions of calculations to determine the most suitable biotherapy for you and produce a customised report called RITI®.

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Your biotherapy is targeted

Your biotherapy is targeted

Receive your RITI® report indicating the biotherapy suited to your biological profile. Chat with your rheumatologist about it to optimise your therapeutic journey.

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I would like to speak about it with my doctor

I would like to speak about it with my doctor

I would like to download the brochure

My doctor told me about the Test.

My doctor told me about the Test.

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Frequently asked questions

Am I concerned by the mYXpression Rheumatoid Test?

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You are concerned by the mYXpression Rheumatoid Test as soon as your treating doctor has diagnosed your rheumatoid arthritis, and he has made the choice, of his own decision, to resort to the prescription of a biotherapy

Two scenarios:

• First initial prescription from your doctor

  • you are a virgin of biotherapy

• You have already had biotherapy prescribed by your doctor BUT

  • no decrease in symptoms (primary failure)
  • a reduction in the symptoms felt then more effect with an increase in symptoms (secondary escape)

The innovative Test offered by mYXpression allows your doctor to have an additional element at his disposal to assist him in his therapeutic choice.

How is my data managed?

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At mYXpression, we ensure the respect of your privacy and the security of your digital data in accordance with the RGDP regulations of May 25, 2018.

Why is the mYXpression Rheumatoid Test not reimbursed?

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The mYXpression Rheumatoid Test is not currently reimbursed due to its innovative nature. However, mYXpression has taken the necessary steps to obtain support from the regulatory authorities, but there is a long way to go before reaching this objective. Our desire is to make our innovation accessible to all! In the meantime, we think it is important to let as many people know that this cutting-edge technology exists and that it is now available.

Furthermore, aware that the Test has a cost, mYXpression Rheumatoid has associated with the La Cagnotte Des in order to offer you a possibility of collecting the sum necessary to finance the mYXpression Rheumatoid Test. We invite you to consult the link for more information on this subject:εssion/

How do I discuss it with my rheumatologist?

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Your rheumatologist plays a key role in defining your therapeutic path. It is therefore necessary to obtain a prescription from him before using the mYXpression Rheumatoid Test.

In order to present the technology to him, we invite you to download the information brochure.

Does your doctor want to order the Test for you? Redirect it to prescription form

Do you have questions?Contact us.


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