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Objective of the mYXpression rheumatoid Test

Objective of the mYXpression rheumatoid Test

• To help you decide on a therapy and be confident about that choice.

• To offer new prospects for healing patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

• Décupler les chances pour les patients d'atteindre la rémission durable (DAS28 < 2.6) et optimiser l’aspect médico-économique en maîtrisant les coûts.

Methodology of the technology

The mYXpression rheumatoid Test is based on three major areas of expertise:

• Mastery of the latest RNA transcriptome sequencing technologies (individual multi-genomic signature).

• Massive use of new information technologies and of Big Data bringing together international clinical studies (digital data base).

• The development of massive calculations and automatic learning algorithms (machine learning) to generate powerful and robust tools to make a customised decision to help the doctor and their patient throughout their therapeutic journey.

The combination of these 3 dimensions produces a custom report that is specific to the patient. This report called RITI® indicates a level of efficacy for each biotherapy.

RITI® offers real precision medicine and is a valuable aid to optimise the therapeutic strategy to adopt for the patient.

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Evidence of clinical efficacy

Evidence of clinical efficacy

To better understand our technology and reassure you of the usefulness of the mYXpression rheumatoid Test, a clinical study will begin shortly. The study will enable us, in a few months, to provide you with clinical evidence as to the reliability of the results of our Test.

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Frequently asked questions

Which patients are concerned by this Test?

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Two specific cases:

• Your patient has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and it is currently in therapeutic failure.

• Your patient has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and you plan to prescribe a biotherapy

How do I get the test for a patient?

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Upload or send the prescription by e-mail via our dedicated form

How it works

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• You suggest the mYXpression rheumatoid Test to your patient

• Your patient orders the Test via our platform following your request

• Your patient receives their mYbox kit in 48 hours to they can take a drop of blood for the RNA sequencing to be carried out at our genomics platform. Find out more about the mYboX kit.

• A customised RITI® report is generated for your patient and sent to them

• Your patient sends you the personal reportRITI®

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